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Let's introduce ourselves

Retrain Pain was founded by three New York based physical therapists (Elan Schneider, Rob DiLillo, and Greg Hullstrung), who teamed up to build an organization devoted to free online pain education.  

Greg and Rob are the owners of H&D Physical Therapy.  Elan is a clinician specializing in the treatment of chronic pain.  He is the director of the chronic pain treatment program at H&D Physical Therapy, and is an adjunct lecturer at the State University of NY


Why are we creating free online pain education?

Chronic pain is a big problem, affecting about 1 out of 5 people.  Over the last 10 years there have been many important discoveries that help explain what causes chronic pain,  as well as new research about which treatment approaches are most effective. Sadly, many of these discoveries sit quietly in science journals, inaccessible to the average patient.  We believe that pain patients throughout the world deserve access to accurate and up to date information about pain rehabilitation, and that is the mission of our organization.


Does this site replace the need for a doctor or therapist?

No!  This course is meant to be used in addition to the care you get from your medical team. Before applying anything you learn from this course,  please check with your personal health care team to make sure it is safe and relevant for your individual situation.


How do you use this course?

The course is free, and is viewed entirely online. We recommend you view it slowly, in small sections.  This allows time to review and apply the material.  


How can you contact us?

Feel free to contact us with comments, questions, or suggestions:  elan@retrainpain.org



We are extremely appreciative to a generous group of clinicians and community members who have volunteered their time and talent to make Retrain Pain accessible to a global audience.



We thank the following scientists, clinicians, and educators whose work has been the inspiration for this program:

Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti, Dr. David Butler, Dr. Herta Flor, Dr. Adriaan Louw, Dr. Lorimer Moseley, Dr. Jo Nijs, Dr. Frank Porreca,  Dr. Irene Tracey, Dr. Katja Wiech,  Dr. Clifford Woolf  (This program is not specifically endorsed by any of the above)



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