Join hundreds of clinicians from all over the world.

“As a Registered Nurse treating chronic pain, I have found the Retrain Pain course invaluable.  

My practice was positively impacted from the first lesson and I feel as if I have so much more to offer the patients I work with.

I felt well supported and encouraged throughout and highly recommend this course for anyone treating those experiencing chronic pain.”

Registered Nurse

Nikki Dennehy-Block

"I loved the course and found it to be extremely thoughtful, comprehensive, and clinically useful.

I am really impressed by the depth and scope of  information you were able to compile.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to take the course and will reference and use this information for a long time coming! Thank you for everything"

Physical Therapist

Teresa Gero

"I so deeply appreciate the course.

I am going to study lessons in a different way several more times and go deeper into the articles and books you suggest at the end of each lesson. 

I look at this as the beginning not the end.  I recommend your course to all my colleagues."

Personal trainer, Nutrition coach

Galina Denzel

"This is definitely one of the better courses I've taken in my life!

I highly recommend this course for health, fitness, and wellness professionals. It's ridiculously thorough, and gives a deeper, richer, and more thoughtful perspective on the phenomenon of pain, discomfort, and avoidance behaviour.

For me, it deepened my understanding of what mindfulness practices and conscious discomfort exercises are really doing to the brain, nervous system, and human physiology.

I love when I come across courses and teachings that connect the dots from different modalities, philosophies, and methodologies. This course surely does that."

Health Coach

Luke Sniewski, PhD

"As a licensed Acupuncturist chronic pain is something I treat all the time.  Having completed the course, I feel much more confident about treating people with complicated and devastating chronic pain.  

The course is a current, up to date, medical and scientific thinking put together in a really friendly format, breaking down all the science.

The course incorporates a kinesthetic learning style. Elan has been very helpful and I felt fully supported through the course.


Juliet Forbes,

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"The course looks at pain in a holistic manner and has equipped me with a powerful tool set to work with while exploring chronic pain management strategies with clients."

-Alexanne Ridge, Occupational Therapist

“This is so interesting and explained well. I like how it encourages me and challenges to really think about what is going on rather than just doing what I have always done.

I’m so stoked that I am doing this certification! I am going to recommend that others in our team complete this certification as part of our orientation into the service."

Physical Therapist

“Once again I have to say that above all the pain courses I have ever done I am absolutely loving this course and it gets better and better each week.

As a Physio studying this particular lesson, I feel liberated and so much better able to continue doing what I do best knowing that I am being backed by the latest neuroscience and understanding it all in so much better detail than ever before.
Thank you!”

Physical Therapist

James, M. Physical therapist

“This course vastly improved my understanding of pain science and challenged me to apply pain science strategies to my patients each week.

It is a versatile course that allows one to explore pain science at a elementary or deep level through extra materials, recommended readings and journal citations.

Last but not least, it is the best value in pain science education.”

Physical Therapist

Daniel Bordt

"The course looks at pain in a holistic manner and has equipped me with a powerful tools set to work with while exploring chronic pain management strategies with clients.

The course solidified a lot of previous pain management topics/education and I learnt new strategies and engaged with new research regarding pain which I believe will make me a more effective clinician.

The course is easy to follow and is easy to complete while leading a busy work-life balance! I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, the homework tasks stimulated my thinking appropriately and getting feedback from the course coordinators aided in further learning.

Please keep me updated with any further courses available!"

Occupational Therapist

Alexanne Ridge

After spending some time looking for a pain science and rehabilitation course, I chose this one and I'm so pleased that I did.

The content is varied and covers many different aspect of chronic pain rehabilitation, as well as the science behind it.

I have learned a great deal on this course, and it has given me the opportunity to reflect on my practice, and I now have much more inspiration for how I may work with patients with chronic pain moving forward.

Thanks again, I've found it really interesting and I'm so pleased I took the course 🙂

Occupational Therapist

Tasmin Chant

Thank you!  This course has changed the way I think about pain and how to treat it (not just chronic pain, but all stages of pain).

Presented in a way that is relaxed yet full of information but best of all, it is highly practical, so that I was able to integrate the lessons immediately in the clinical setting.

Fabulous course! Highly recommended! Thank you.  A big thank you also to Joletta.

For your input and feedback. Always inspiring with such positive words. Your opinions always seemed to make so much sense.

Physical Therapist

Sally Pearman

Join hundreds of clinicians from all over the world.

“I find this style of learning very enjoyable. Easy and effortless compared to previous methods I have done.”

Loved the course material, applicable, clear, and concise.

Also loved the ability to take my time with the material, and spend a week reviewing and practicing the principles.

Overall great experience!”

Physical Therapist

Jasmina Sidberry

"This is one of the best courses on Pain Science .

Extensive, detailed  and evidence based with superb content."

Physical Therapist

Murat Dalkilinc

"I thought the course was awesome- applicable every day in the orthopedic setting where I work.

Thanks for letting me be a part of it."

Occupational Therapist

Elspeth French

"I really enjoyed the course, there are a lot of information that led me to discover and get the basis of understanding, assessment and treatment of numerous components of chronic pain.

Further readings that were proposed at the end of each slideshow were important to help me deepen each topic.

In the end, I highly recommend this course for people that need to update their knowledge about pain science and biopsychosocial understanding of the patient.

Furthermore, Elan answers quickly to each mails, and feedbacks were very useful to help me push further my clinical reasoning. "

Physical Therapist

Gwénaël Divay

"As a Counselor who works with patients challenged with chronic pain, I was looking for a way to increase my clinical knowledge base  in a way that would help me to understand how many of the psychotherapeutic interventions that I use with Clients actually cause positive changes in the mind and body.

The explanations provided in this course helped me to fill that knowledge gap. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the anatomy and physiology that exists behind the work that I do.  

I also loved exploring the most current research in the field of chronic pain.

This course is thoroughly researched and of high value to any clinician that works with patients in need of relief and learning to cope with chronic pain.

Mental Health Counselor

Michael E. Edelstein